One of the star treatments of most weight loss clinics in Vadodara, Surat, Dahod, Godhra, Lunawada is gastric bypass. This surgery is thought to treat morbid obesity, reducing the size of the stomach. This yes, after the operation, we must change the diet radically.


By reducing the size of the stomach, we have to reduce the amount of food, because now, the stomach will not be able to digest as much food. Obviously, by doing this we will lose weight and also, we will avoid any complications after the operation.

The ultimate goal should be to re-educate the person to follow healthy lifestyle habits, while the stomach is healing.


When the operation is finished, we will start eating only liquid foods, starting with soups, unsweetened juices, decaffeinated coffee or gelatin. The following week, we will begin to eat pureed food, which should be thin and without pieces of food. Generally, we will do this in small meals, eating very slowly.

The following week and when the doctor tells us, we will start with solid foods, but soft, that is, easy to chew. For example, we have eggs, cheese, rice or vegetables without skin. Generally, this diet usually lasts between 4 and 8 weeks.

In the following weeks, we can begin to eat solid food, but being careful with foods such as bread or red meat, which should be gradually included when the doctor tells us.

In any case, you should drink plenty of fluids, at least 2 litres a day, although not during meals. The reason is that the stomach is delicate, and we do not want to enlarge it again. Afterwards, it is recommended to take a lot of protein and lower fat and sugar. Of course, in any case, you should eat slowly.

Alcohol and caffeine are prohibited, mainly due to dehydration, since both are very diuretic. Most weight loss clinics in Vadodara, Dahod, Godhra, Rajkot, Nadiad will give you exact indications of the foods you can take and the amounts. In addition, they will also tell you to take vitamin and mineral supplementation. If you want to have a gastric bypass, have Laparoscopic Surgery in Baroda, Gujarat, India. We will help you before, during and after the operation.


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