The obesity has become one of the health problems that do not stop growing. There are numerous causes, and one of the most prominent is the bad habits and customs that people have today that cause obesity to increase throughout the world. A change in them can be a first step to prevent or alleviate this most common disease. For the most serious cases, there are currently effective solutions such as bariatric surgery.y

Next, we want to do a little review of the habits that can lead to being overweight or obese.


One of the aspects that notably affect obesity is the change in behavior when eating. We have gone from eating correctly, chewing slowly and perceiving the taste of food, to eating quickly, distracted, between screens, etc., which leads us to ingest more than our body really needs and which is then stored as fatty tissue. To this must be added the sedentary life of those people who move little, and an inadequate diet, with ultra-processed and unhealthy diets and foods.

With all this in mind, there are some signs that are important to pay attention to and that lead to being overweight, such as getting up to eat at night, snacking between meals, eating fast food, compulsively and frequently shopping at newsstands., or not exercising, among others.

A good treatment is to change behavior and habits for healthier ones, have a good diet, exercise daily, eat without distractions and slowly, etc., and, if the problem is already a reality and has reached a certain severity, then perhaps it is time to go to bariatric surgery professionals to find the most appropriate treatment in each case.

In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, we offer tailored solutions for stomach reduction surgery in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.


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