If you are interested in the treatments of the slimming clinics in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, surely you want to know which are the alcoholic beverages with the highest caloric content. It must be borne in mind that alcohol can significantly harm health, both physically and mentally.


1.- In the first place of the ranking, we find absinthe. A single glass of just 44 millilitres contributes nothing more and nothing less than 153 kilocalories to the body. Absinthe is a very strong liquor, which has between 70 and 90 degrees of alcohol. Very popular in the 21st century, it was banned for several years as it was considered to have hallucinogenic effects.

2.- The Catalan cream liqueur is a very popular drink, although its caloric content is very high: 350 kilocalories per 100 millilitres.

3.- The brandy is another of the alcoholic beverages with more calories, and that the weight loss clinics in Madrid recommend avoiding. Glass has a caloric intake of 146 kilocalories. Behind, Baileys and Bourbon, with 144 and 103 kilocalories, respectively.

4.- Wine is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, along with coffee and beer. Its caloric content is not too high, especially if it is white wine: 65 kilocalories per 100 millilitres. Red wine provides 70 kilocalories per 100 millilitres.

5.- As for beer, it has less alcohol than wine and, therefore, its caloric content is also lower: a glass of 100 millilitres provides only 45 kilocalories, although it depends on the type of beer consumed.

These are the alcoholic beverages with the most calories. Although there is no reason to eliminate its consumption, it is important to control it. Alcohol doesn’t do your body any good, and the high-calorie content of some drinks makes it difficult to get in shape.

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