Before performing any procedure such as gastric sleeve surgery, it is necessary to know all the important aspects about it. You must be very clear about everything that the treatment implies, the risks to which you subject your body, and all the recommendations that you must follow, both before and after the operation. Therefore, today we want to give some advice on everything that needs to be taken into account before undergoing an intervention of this type.


  • Avoid tobacco. The ideal is to stop smoking one month before the intervention to give the body time to recover from the damage caused by tobacco throughout the body. In addition, this is as important or even more so for the postoperative period.
  • Follow the recommended preoperative diet. It must be borne in mind that all those patients with a considerably high body mass index, should follow a preoperative diet. The bariatric surgeon will be in charge of giving instructions on the diet to be performed.
  • Be mentally prepared. It is necessary to carry out a psychological evaluation to be clear that there are no contradictions when undergoing surgery, and that the patient is mentally prepared for it. He must be aware of all the implications that the procedure requires, as well as his commitment to follow each and every one of the medical indications, both before, during and after the operation.
  • Physical training. Although it can be difficult for many patients to exercise, due to their obesity and physical limitations, it is best to adapt the body to new habits, and try to exercise it every day for at least 30 minutes in a moderate way.

At Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery in India, we can offer you all the necessary information about gastric sleeve surgery.


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