Do you know the relationship between obesity and cardiovascular risk? According to a recent study carried out by researchers at the Georgia School of Medicine and belonging to Augusta University, women who suffer from obesity and who have a diet rich in salt, have a higher cardiovascular risk compared to men. What is this about? We explain everything, below.


As this research shows, obesity and eating a diet rich in salt lead to an increase in cardiovascular risk in women. This is because they have higher levels of hormones like leptin and aldosterone, which prepare the body for life-threatening cardiovascular problems.

Leptin causes the adrenal glands, responsible for generating aldosterone, to produce higher levels of this blood vessel constrictor. Keep in mind that, regardless of their weight, women already have the highest levels of aldosterone and larger adrenal glands.

Also, women have a greater sensitivity to salt than men. A high sodium intake increases blood pressure due to also increased fluid retention. Thus, premenopausal and postmenopausal women are more sensitive to salt than men.

On the other hand, as women already produce higher levels of aldosterone, and the body normally responds with even more to high salt intake, according to the study, women have an impaired ability to lower aldosterone, which also encourages that increased sensitivity to salt. Not only that, but the high salt contents themselves increase the adrenal leptin receptor in women.

With all this information that we share in Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery in Vadodara, we want to highlight the importance of looking for solutions when suffering from obesity, in order to end the problem and avoid much greater health risks. To do this, it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals.


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