The gastric sleeve surgery is a stomach reduction operation aimed at people who need to lose weight. Specifically, in order to undergo this treatment, the person must have a BMI of more than 30, suffer from morbid or severe obesity, or suffer from some type of disease in which weight loss is key to recovery, such as diabetes, or sleep apnea, among many others. There are many doubts about the necessary care after an intervention of this type, and then we are going to try to solve them.


Recovery after an intervention like this is very fast, and the hospital stay amounts to about 2 or 3 days, depending on the case. Of course, it involves a whole process of rehabilitation, both psychological, nutritional and physical. It is essential to take into account the following precautions:

  • Have an accompanying person until discharge from hospital.
  • The patient can get up as soon as the doctor allows it, but with help. It is recommended not to get up if you are alone in the room.
  • Do not take medications without first consulting with the surgeon who carried out the operation.
  • Avoid tobacco use during the days after the intervention.
  • Avoid physical exertion for at least a month.
  • Take the medication indicated by the surgeon, following all his instructions.
  • Follow the diet that will be indicated when you are discharged and adhere to it rigorously to have a proper recovery.

Before undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, it is essential to be informed about all that it involves, both before and during the intervention and the necessary care after it. For this, the most appropriate thing is to go to a trusted clinic where you can review the specific case and inform and clarify all doubts to the patient. In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, you can advise on gastric sleeve and gastric bypass intervention, and you will receive the attention you need to know which is the most appropriate treatment for your case.


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