The gastric bypass is a bariatric technique used in order to lose weight in those cases suffering from severe obesity. What is achieved with this operation is to reduce the size of the stomach and reduce the ability to absorb food. The most used technique for the intervention is laparoscopic, and its recovery stands out for being faster. How long exactly is recovery from laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery?


The hospital stay for laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is typically 3 to 5 days. Between the first and third day after the operation, the patient will not be able to eat food, and the recovery in the hospital will be complete when he is able to move without feeling excessive pain, and when he does not need to take analgesics through a route IV or injections.

Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, he must follow the recommendations of the specialist doctors for full recovery. For the first two to three weeks, you should only eat pureed and liquid foods. Afterwards, you can gradually include soft foods and later switch to regular food, always following the indicated indications.

As for routine life, after surgery it is recommended to be active. Most of the activities can be carried out between the following 2 and 4 weeks. From there and if the specialist considers it appropriate, the patient could start with an exercise program.

During the first months after the intervention, the patient will be able to see how quickly they lose weight, which could imply having some effects such as hair loss, headaches or fatigue, among others, which will disappear as soon as the body suits that weight loss.

In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery by expert doctor in Vadodara, we believe that it is very important that patients have all the information related to gastric bypass surgery, and everything that it implies before, during and after it, before undergoing it.


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