According to a recent study by the Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research in Barcelona, ​​overweight and obesity directly affect sexual life. It is not something that happens in all cases, but it does indicate a direct relationship between these pathologies and limited sexual life. Specifically, obesity can affect both men and women, the desire to have sex and self-esteem, among other things.


Some of the pathologies derived from being overweight, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, can cause sexual dysfunction in women and male erectile dysfunction. In addition, in cases of diabetes, for example, when there is insulin resistance, achieving an erection can be difficult in some cases. In women, this translates into a reduction in arousal and a greater difficulty in reaching orgasm.


Testosterone levels decrease with the increase in body fat, and this leads to a decrease in sexual desire.

On the other hand, sexual encounters are also more limited when cardiovascular exercise is reduced by being overweight or obese. It is more difficult to have meetings that are passionate and long, especially in some positions.


Women with obesity are more prone to polycystic ovaries, which makes pregnancy very difficult. In addition, the sperm of overweight men become slower, which also does not help to facilitate reproduction.

All these alterations that obesity can cause in the sexual lives of men and women, can have a solution in most cases. For this, as we always recommend in Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, it is best to go to a professional who can study the specific case and offer a solution based on your needs. It should also be borne in mind that a sedentary lifestyle and diet are key factors that can lead to being overweight or obese, among others, so reviewing lifestyle habits is essential to improve.


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