The childhood obesity has become a real problem in many countries for some years. One of the measures proposed by a study by the University of Cambridge, as a prevention, is to limit the advertising of unhealthy food and beverages on television. Specifically, in order to reduce the levels of childhood obesity, the hours of advertisements related to foods or beverages high in sugar, fat and salt would be reduced.


In the report, it is concluded that, if all ads related to unhealthy foods were removed for a certain time, children would see less advertising and their caloric intake would be significantly reduced, which would reduce the number of overweight and overweight children. obesity. The study is mainly focused on the United Kingdom, but the relationship between advertising and obesity can be extrapolated to other countries.

In this case, the direct impact generated by the advertising of foods and beverages with high levels of sugar, fat and salt on the caloric intake of children has been taken into account, but perhaps it would be interesting to see how this type of advertising affects as well in adults.

The analysis has been carried out by Oliver Mytton and other colleagues at the University of Cambridge, and was published in ‘PLOS’ Medicine. What he tries is to make a valuable contribution in order to protect the future health of children, being aware that children now consume advertising through a large number of sources, not only television, since there are increasingly more online and on-demand services that also deliver unhealthy messages.

In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, we believe that this type of study can be of great help to elucidate the best way to prevent and reduce childhood obesity.


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