The obesity or overweight of children that in our clinic for obesity in India is already considered by many as the epidemic of the XXI century. Already in 2010, according to data from the renowned World Health Organization (WHO) or the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO), almost 30% of Spanish children suffered from this disorder. Now, a rigorous study by the Thao Foundation confirms that this trend continues to rise: 29.3% of our children between the ages of 3 and 12 suffer from these pathologies.


It is true that obesity or being overweight can have an important hereditary component; it has been proven that if any of the parents is obese, the offspring has a 50% chance of ending up being so. If they are both, the risk increases to 80%, but there are also other reasons like this: 

The balanced and recommended Mediterranean diet is the great unknown in many of the Spanish houses. Most are fed in a caloric and unhealthy way, resorting more than necessary to industrial pastries and too little to the consumption of vegetables and fruits. And the data does reflect it too: according to a latest study by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC), only 3% of children eat a comprehensive breakfast that contains fruits, cereals and milk.  

Also, another friend of obesity is the sedentary lifestyle of our young people. In recent times, they spend too many hours in front of the television or the game console to the detriment of the 30-minute daily physical exercise recommended by professionals.

If you are desperate or desperate because your child has already developed other pathologies due to being overweight, another alternative is to use the services of the Laparoscopic Weight Loss clinic in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.


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