Do you know what megarexia is? It is a very unknown eating disorder and is commonly associated with anorexia. The effect it produces is the opposite, that is, there is an overweight and a perception of complete health on the body by people who suffer from megarexia. Next, we explain in more detail what this disease consists of and what are the main symptoms.


As we said, people with megarexia are overweight or obese, although they think they are perfectly healthy and fit. The most important characteristic of this pathology is that it is psychological, so that it alters the patient’s vision, preventing him from admitting the problems he has both with food and with the care of his physique. This results in a behavioral disorder that generates emotional and physical changes.

The lifestyle of a person with megarexia is normally very unhealthy, since, thinking that they are physically in good condition, they consume unhealthy food, and they hardly exercise. It thus becomes a risky situation that can lead, not only to obesity, but also to numerous physical, psychological and cardiovascular problems.

What symptoms does megarexia cause? Among the most common symptoms that affect people with this conduct disorder, we find the following:

  • An altered perception of the body: with megarexia, the person is unable to see their body as it is.
  • A great disregard for personal health.
  • Very low self-esteem: low self-confidence, lack of self-acceptance, difficulty communicating, etc.
  • Reality is ignored: to the point of creating all kinds of strategies to not convince oneself that they are overweight or obese.

In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, we believe that it is necessary to pay attention to these types of problems and that they transform into morbid obesity and other health problems.


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