We are currently in an exceptional situation due to the spread of the coronavirus. We must stay home until the state of alarm ends. This change that directly affects our routine and habits, as well as the uncertainty that exists, increases the feeling of stress and anxiety. All this leads to a greater sedentary lifestyle, more inactivity, and a less healthy diet.

Therefore, in order not to gain weight during quarantine, especially if you are in a process of weight loss, staying active is the key.


When spending so much time at home, it is necessary to try to stay active in order to avoid, in addition to weight gain, all the problems derived from sedentary lifestyle, as well as to keep busy during confinement.

Lack of movement can lead to muscle atrophy, back pain, etc. These are things that can be avoided by creating a daily exercise routine. There are many options for exercising at home, and it does not have to be high intensity, simply by walking we are already mobilizing the whole body.

In addition, we must not only remain active, but exercise must be combined with a good diet. In a situation like this, it is easy to fall into an increase in foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates, and a healthy diet is essential to overcome this crisis.

For this, just as we can plan the exercise routine, it is appropriate to plan the weekly menus and stick to them. It is also key that the diet is varied and healthy.

At the Laparoscopic Weight Loss Clinic in Vadodara, India, we recommend maintaining physical activity during quarantine so as not to gain weight and overcome the state of alarm with less stress.


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