There are numerous doubts about whether obesity is a risk factor for COVID-19 or not, and the truth is that at the moment it is not considered as such by itself. However, there are some studies that provide evidence of this, while on the other hand, what are considered as risks are other pathologies that are associated with obesity.


What we know for now is that obesity has not been shown to be a risk factor or to involve complications from coronavirus. What happens is that people who are overweight or obese have associated disorders, such as hypertension, sleep apnea or diabetes, and who are more fragile to COVID-19.

With all this, we see how there is a high percentage of patients with obesity who are susceptible to the infection getting worse, due to all these associated comorbidities that complicate the evolution of the disease.

Some factors must be taken into account, for example, cases of people with morbid obesity, who have an excessive amount of abdominal fat that compresses the diaphragm. This leads to reduced lung capacity and complications in the course of most respiratory diseases. On the other hand, they are also more vulnerable to chronic inflammation, and if they spend a long time in bed, they have a higher risk of death from venous thrombosis.

We are thus facing a situation in which, with all these data, it is necessary to pay special attention, above all, to those people who suffer from severe obesity, always keeping in mind their particular case and if they have any of the associated pathologies mentioned above.

At Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Anand, Nadiad, we are very aware of the situation we find ourselves in, and how complicated it is for overweight people. For this reason, we consider it important to stay active during confinement, in order to avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle and obesity, and thus avoid unnecessary risks.


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