The gastric bypass consists of an intervention to lose weight. It reduces the stomach, as well as the ability of the intestine to absorb food. Undergoing these types of operations is a very important decision, and finding a trusted clinic is essential to reduce risks as much as possible and receive the best of care.


The first thing is to find out as much as possible about the clinic in question, if it is specialized in this type of intervention, its trajectory, and if it has professionals with extensive experience in the sector. There are a large number of centres, so you can look for information and go to the ones that most attract your attention so that they can inform you about everything related to the procedure and request a quote.

All doubts about the gastric bypass and the intervention that you are going to perform should be cleared after a visit to the clinic and talking with the doctor who will carry it out. The attention must be personalized and adapted to your specific case. Explain your problem and find out what solutions the doctor who would perform the surgery offers you.

Taking the step is very important, and it is key to perform gastric bypass in a certified clinic for it and that is within the law, with registered doctors and surgeons specialized in this type of process.

In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery, we are specialists in gastric bypass and we use the laparoscopic technique in our operations. Our activity focuses on these types of effective surgeries to treat obesity, thus managing to offer detailed care to each of our patients.

We take care of our patients and accompany them both before, during and after this surgery, advising on each of the steps to follow, always with the best care to achieve the result you are looking for. In this way, you make sure that you are in a safe centre and with the best guarantees of success in a surgery such as gastric bypass.


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