This is not the first time that stress has been associated with obesity. In fact, many weight loss clinics in Vadodara, Gujarat, India already analyzed at the time how in some way stress must be related to obesity, because many of the patients who were looking for solutions to their weight problems, had clinical pictures in which factors were detected of risk and excess of worries, in addition to the characteristic state of alert.

However, beyond the empirical experience in consultation, a team of researchers from University College London confirmed in a study on white men and women that both issues, stress and obesity, are related. The conclusions were published in the journal Obesity, and they open a new door for the treatment of weight loss associated with incorporating stress as one more because of its increase.


Most of the patients who go to professional centers like ours, Laparoscopic Surgery, are in a somewhat desperate situation because their situation is overwhelming them. The first thing to point out is that having the advice of good professionals, of doctors who know what is happening to you and why is the key to improving your physical condition and your health.

The laparoscopic surgeries are one of the most innovative solutions that really work in the treatment of obesity and overweight problems. However, they should be started after a study of the patient himself in which his starting situation and the causes of it are analyzed. At the same time, after the operation, there is constant monitoring of the evolution, as well as a clear nutritional guideline that, accompanied by sports activity, will prevent the person from gaining that weight that was reducing their health.

You can consult us without any type of commitment so that we analyze your case. Hundreds of patients are satisfied with our method, and we can help you too.


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