Today we are aware that leading a sedentary life can lead to obesity. Now, this statement is supported by a study Obesity, Abdominal Obesity, Physical Activity, and Caloric Intake, published in the American Journal of Medicine in the United States, which places a sedentary lifestyle as the main cause of the increase in obesity rates. Not only that, but this research rules out that calorie consumption causes overweight.


Do you know if your lifestyle is sedentary? When you do not have physical activity in your daily routine, perhaps a sedentary lifestyle has taken over and you have not realized it. Specifically, according to the World Health Organization, those people who practice less than 90 minutes of physical activity a week, lead an inactive life and, therefore, are sedentary. In fact, the recommendation is to perform at least 150 minutes of physical activity on a weekly basis as one of the keys to expanding energy, improving caloric balance and having better weight control.

In this way, increasing daily physical activity can be a good option as a step to prevent obesity. It must be borne in mind that currently, habits such as travelling by car, reducing physical exercise during leisure time, and not taking care of the diet properly are common. In Spain, at least 60% of the inhabitants do not do enough physical activity to benefit their health, which places the country as one of the most sedentary in Europe.

We must be aware, not only of how a sedentary lifestyle affects obesity, but also health in general. In addition to increasing the risk of being overweight or obese, a sedentary lifestyle implies a propensity for cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, suffering from high blood pressure, and even increases the chances of premature death, among others.

In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery in Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Anand, Nadiad we recommend reducing all possible health risks by increasing physical activity in daily life. We help patients with overweight or obesity problems with personalized attention to offering the best solution for each case.


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