There are many benefits of gastric bypass in India, if you are overweight or morbidly obese, but before listing them I would let us make it very clear that previously you will have to undergo important medical tests and psychological tests to avoid any type of risk, and that after the surgery you will have to follow an exhaustive subsequent treatment: the re-education of your diet and the daily performance of physical exercise will have to be your priority for at least one or two years.                                    


– Quality of life: you will regain your own abilities to carry out from such everyday activities, such as dressing, to others that involve greater social activity: going to parties, doing extreme sports …

– Increased life expectancy: those who are overweight or morbidly obese have it greatly reduced and not only due to the high risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality they suffer, but also due to other pathologies for which obesity is a key factor, such as example cancer or diabetes. These are the data:

Almost 100% of patients who undergo bariatric surgery in specialized centers like ours, the Laparoscopic Weight Loss Clinic, alleviate or cure their diabetes, 60% lower their cholesterol, 50% lower their blood pressure and up to 85% % see the insufferable sleep apnea improved. 

– You will quickly increase your self-esteem and personal satisfaction, both for the joy of having finally managed to remove excess fat and stay in shape, and for being able to enjoy the moments in a much healthier and healthier way.

If you have come this far, it is probably because you are looking for information about these successful interventions that we offer in our specialized center. Do not be left with any doubts: get in touch with us and we will advise you on what you need. Get rid of those extra kilos now!


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