At our clinic in Vadodara, we are aware of the effects obesity causes on people’s health. This pathology can cause other more serious diseases to appear, and the consequences of not treating the problem can be truly negative for those who suffer from it. In addition, we also know that it is very important to have a good rest, and that lack of sleep can have effects on health. However, is there a relationship between sleep and obesity?


According to experts, when there is a lack of sleep stress triggers and the sympathetic nervous system is activated, which causes the development of abdominal obesity, as well as insulin resistance. All of this increases the chances of developing diabetes in the future, as well as other health complications, such as high blood pressure, for example.

In addition, when there is obstructive sleep apnea, metabolic deterioration can arise and increase fat mass, body weight and all associated comorbidities. Not only that, but one of the consequences of not having enough sleep is daytime fatigue and drowsiness during the day, which favors a sedentary lifestyle, and, as a result, also affects the development of obesity and other pathologies such as diabetes.

Taking all this into account, in addition to preventing obesity and maintaining good metabolic health, the ideal is to follow a healthy diet, play sports, avoid sedentary lifestyle, and also rest at night at least 7 or 8 hours on a regular basis. always taking into account the characteristics and particular needs of each person.

As we see, having a good sleep is very important to stay healthy and avoid being overweight and obese. In Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, we can help you overcome your obesity problem.


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